Unbound 2017

Unbound 2017

I know it’s been a few months, but I did manage to put together a slideshow for the Unbound 2017 event. Very special thanks are due to Kerri Lotven, my friend and colleague, who agreed to come out that day and shoot lots of great photography of my friends and me at the event.

Unbound 2017
Program brochures.

Kimball Ballroom
This is the main floor of the ballroom, where the independent authors were featured at the far end (top right).

I was lucky enough to get space next to my very good friend and editor Adria Waters.

My sister Kris helped 'man' my table for me. I couldn't have asked for a more enthusiastic helper!

Books on display
My books on display.

I enjoyed many great conversations with people who loved reading and gaming.

My table display next to Adria's. My sister Kris (left) was finishing Soldier as she sat with me.

Talking about gaming, books and writing.

Participating at Unbound was exciting enough... the bonus was selling our books!

Here I am signing for someone (using one of my cool Cortanis pens).

Me, Kris and Lisa
My good friend Lisa Banks drove in from St. Louis for the day, to support me. Lisa is awesome.

Me, Amanda and Adria
I got to hang out with two of my favorite people, Amanda Booloodian and Adria Waters, both of whom are amazing writers!

Indie Authors
I also got to meet other independent authors at the event and talk to them about their work.

My sister Kris, my mom and my dad came in to see me at Unbound 2017. I hope they come back for the 2018 event too.

Visiting with family members who came in to see me playing at being an author.

I very much enjoyed talking to those who came by. Even if I didn't make a sale, the conversations were always fun.

Amanda & Catherine
Here's Amanda Boolodian along with Catherine Stickann, another indie author.

Fun day for indie authors to hang out and enjoy each other's company.

I learned a lot watching how Adria interacted with people. She's got a bit of a head start on me on this.

Adria and Eric
Eric Praschan (right) came by to see us in the afternoon. Eric is another very talented indie author we've come to know and admire.

The experience was a very positive one for me. This was the first time I came out and presented my writing to the public, at a very prestigious event. The Unbound Book Festival is still in its infancy, yet for its sophomore attempt it managed to draw some world-class talent. The keynote speaker was Salman Rushdie, and there was an incredibly impressive tableau of bestselling authors from around the globe who came to speak and meet readers in our little town at the event. It was extraordinary to showcase that kind of quality talent at an event still so fresh and new to our community. Major props to go Alex George, program director, and his board.

For me, it was exciting not only to be releasing book #3, but preparing all the materials and assorted swag that I wanted to offer at my new table. I ordered custom pens, stickers, a limited run of t-shirts, and lots of books to sign and sell. I also had a table runner printed, along with bookmarks and business cards. The vendor who sold me the pens was impressed when he found out I was writing books, and he offered to throw in two new shirts with the Cortanis logo embroidered on them, one of which I wore at the event. (Thanks, Steve!)

It meant a lot to me that my family came in for the day, and my good friend Lisa Banks, who was one of the first people to encourage me to write way back in high school. She stayed the whole day and came with us for dinner that night before my folks had to head back to St. Louis. It was so cool that she could do that. It really does feel good getting that kind of support from my family and friends, especially when doing something like this which is so far outside my comfort zone.

Anyway, sorry for the delay, but I really wanted to show Kerri’s work off in a slideshow and this summer hasn’t been generous to me as far as free time goes.

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Love it!! Great pictures (maybe even the ones with me in them! :P)!!

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