It’s amazing how much time escapes from me when I’m occupied by something challengingly creative. Like this Web site, for example.

I spent the first part of my evening hanging out with my good friend Chris B. from my former place of work, the MU Office of Research. Always a good time at Bee-Dubs. I meant to ask how things were going there, but we never quite got around to it. Too much fun stuff to catch up on.

Since I got home, I’ve been tooling around with the Cortanis Web site, and setting up my new Twitter account. *fanfare* I was poking around looking for friends and things to follow, and refamiliarizing myself with Twitter after a very long absence… I’m scared to log into my old account, I expect things are… growing in there.

If you feel like following me, please do. I’d be honored.

Anyway, I did some detail work on the site here, schlepped together a better background and tweaked some colors so it’s more cohesive. (I’m a graphic designer, so I’ll probably always be tweaking.) I still have a lot of artwork to replace once we do the photo shoot on the 11th-12th of April (assuming we can do both days, which I think makes a lot of sense).

Pretty happy with how things are coming. I’m not going to announce the site is live just yet, I think I might wait until after the new art is up. I should go to bed, I got very little sleep last night. –cjw

Music note

Jonna Lee is an astonishing musician. I’ve enjoyed her music for years but only recently have I acquired entire albums of hers. I’ve been listening to Blue lately, and “Chasing Kites” has found its way through my speakers many times over the past few days. I looked up the lyrics today and found they’re just as good as the rest of the music. I think “Chasing Kites” will wind up on the Cortanis OST.

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