Climb on

So this is my new Web site about Cortanis, and eventually, the novels to come once the trilogy is completed.

I’m also going to be using it to keep in touch with readers, talk about what I’m working on, and share thoughts and feelings about writing, my work and related themes in my work.

I did a lot of research—what research I could do from books and videos—on climbing for Ghosts of Cortanis. I learned quite a bit. I learned that every climber must have a belay: a partner who holds their rope and watches their movements, “spotting” them as it were. The belay will give slack and take up slack in the ropes, and will catch the climber if s/he falls.

I feel like I’m starting a climb tonight, only I don’t have a belay with me in person. My belay consists of several people, fellow writers whom I’ve grown to admire and respect, both experienced and amateur alike. A couple are successful, published novelists with thousands of fans, and others, like me, have not published book one yet. But the point is, I feel safer climbing because I know I have them with me. I’m immensely grateful for their friendship and guidance. I’ll be writing about them in the months and years to come on this site, and assuredly cross-promoting their work.

For now, though, what I mainly have to say is, the site is up, and I’m feeling grateful I’m starting this new chapter in my life with the help of some great friends.

This place, this fresh new addition to the interwebz, is pretty rough still, and there’s a lot of graphics to be added soon. I have a photo shoot coming up that will give me some great stuff to work with in the coming weeks. But for now, the site is finally up and WordPress has been stellar in giving me all this tremendous flexibility in customization. I’m sure it will look very different only a few months from now… there will be pages added, new images, new backgrounds, more content. Hopefully some interesting stuff. I still have a lot of learning to do, to figure out this theme and what I can do with it.

But for now, we’re climbing. Let’s see where this goes. –cjw

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