Tonight I was doing some research on book 3, Soldier. I found a treasure trove. I won’t say what I discovered or what I’m researching yet, but it was an immense and magnificent resource of information. Not only that, but the source of this information is in the United States, in Florida of all places (a state I’ve driven to a number of times now). I foresee another Florida road trip within the next 12 months. I’m already excited for[…]


It’s amazing how much time escapes from me when I’m occupied by something challengingly creative. Like this Web site, for example. I spent the first part of my evening hanging out with my good friend Chris B. from my former place of work, the MU Office of Research. Always a good time at Bee-Dubs. I meant to ask how things were going there, but we never quite got around to it. Too much fun stuff to catch up on. Since[…]

Climb on

So this is my new Web site about Cortanis, and eventually, the novels to come once the trilogy is completed. I’m also going to be using it to keep in touch with readers, talk about what I’m working on, and share thoughts and feelings about writing, my work and related themes in my work. I did a lot of research—what research I could do from books and videos—on climbing for Ghosts of Cortanis. I learned quite a bit. I learned[…]

What is “Cortanis”?

A reasonable question… The planet Cortanis is the name of a fictional planet in a fictional video game game in an upcoming novel I’m working on. The planet is the center of the game universe, and all exploration fans out from there. Most of the players starting out in this game spend most of their time on planet Cortanis. The game Cortanis’ sun, Aten, sends out mysterious pulses every so often through the game universe. These pulses affect the players[…]